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Sharing Your Stories – “My experiences in a spiritual family” by Brittany

January 26, 2016

When I first had the idea for Spirit Kid Network I knew it had to be a welcoming space for people from all walks of life. It couldn’t just be about one spiritual path or point of view, partly because my own belief is that there is no single way of living spiritually or recognising the Divine. As such, I knew that I would be opening up the blog for others to share their thoughts and experiences, in ways that I never could. And so Sharing Your Stories was born.

Our first story has been written by Brittany, the daughter of someone I met on a spiritual forum more than a decade ago. It has been wonderful to follow Brittany’s story online as she became a mother (and her own mother moved into the role of grandmother) and it is a pleasure to share her story here today.

Raising a spiritual child is not necessarily easy. Just like anything in life there are some good days and some bad days. Because there are times when the child might be really scared about something whether it is physical or spiritual. Then again, they could be so young that they cannot tell you what has upset them. But no matter what, the child is always special to their family.

When I was raising my son there were many good days but a lot of bad days. When he was a baby he could not tell me what would was wrong. So I listened to my spiritual/deceased family members and asked them to back off from him. Because I thought that maybe they were too much for him. And by the next day he was happy go lucky and not really upset anymore.

Also when he would have nightmares, which caused him to have a hard time going to sleep, my mom would hold him close to her heart and just take deep slow breaths which always calmed him down no matter what. Plus whenever my son would be upset, even when he was an infant, she would send him soft, light dolphin reiki which helped him to calm down but also he found it to be soothing so that he could rest when he needed too.

As my son was getting older, he could tell us what was wrong. For example, one time he was playing with his toys and he was talking about an elderly gentlman who had a big tummy and walked with a stick but he was friendly and fun. My mom was the one who heard my son playing and asked him who he was talking to and if he knew who he was talking about. My son said he was talking with his toys but he did not know the man, but he was not afraid of him since the man told him that he was a family member. My mom told me about the incident and I knew exactly who he was describing and I went and found an old photo of the man and myself from when I was a baby. My son looked at the photo and said, “That is the man!” Both my mom and I smiled and told my son that what the man told him was correct. That the man was a family member and that he was a wonderful man. Because the man was my great uncle and that he was like a grandfather to me when I was little since we lived too far from my pap pap on my dad’s side and my mom’s dad passed away before I was born.

However, something that I have learned while raising my spiritual son is that he is definitely of the light and will definitely use healing with the light and not really want or have much dealing with someone who is of the darkness. But he will hang around or help someone who is a balance of both light and dark energy. I say that, because my mom is of the light where I am of a balance between both light and dark. I know when I was a child I was born as an Indigo child and so I saw and heard many things such as my family who crossed over, but also an evil entity at night with a flaming face. Granted that experience did scare me at the time but once I knew my family would protect me I learned to handle that fear. I have not had any more dealings with that demon/entity because I stood up to it when I was little.

Thank you so much, Brittany, for sharing your experiences of raising a spiritual child with us, and starting off our new Sharing Your Stories feature!

If you’d like to submit your own story, please do get in touch with us. We promise to be open and accepting of any and all paths, even those we may not fully understand. Perhaps I should say we especially welcome those we may not fully understand, as it is through sharing that we learn!.

We welcome stories from bloggers and non-bloggers alike – you don’t have to be the world’s best writer to share your story. Whether you want to write about your own childhood, how your faith affects your parenting choices, a special memory you have, seasonal food or craft inspiration or ideas for families new to your particular spiritual path, we would love to hear from you. It is my hope that through this we can offer a place for people to share their story in a way they may not necessarily feel able to elsewhere, a place where their voice will be heard with love and respect, and a place for others to come and learn about the traditions and cultures of others. 

To take part, simply contact us using our contact form or on twitter using the #SKNstories hashtag.

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Whilst Spirit Kid Network is still very new, I hope that you can see where I’m going with it, and that the content I have already written has been helpful, encouraging and inspiring.

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