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How To Create A Sacred Space In The Home

March 7, 2016

For many years Tim and I have been talking about having a dedicated “Sacred Space” in our home. We wanted it to be somewhere that we could fill will love and calming energy, that would hold the space for us so that we have a place to turn at the end of a really long, hard day, and be reminded that we are okay, that we are loved, and that everything will be alright no matter how far from that we may feel at the time.

We have managed this to varying successes throughout our years together – we hung a “manifestation collage” in the living room of our first flat, had a “meditation room” (that rarely got used) in our second home, and created a “meditation space” on the landing of our previous home which had to be removed once WB starting toddling around and candles and incense could no longer be safely left anywhere but a very high cupboard!

None of these have really worked out for us in the long run and there have been times when it has felt like it just wasn’t possible, particularly now we have a pair of small but very inquisitive hands that want to explore everything! We knew that whatever we did in this house needed to be fluid and flexible, able to grow with us and change with the seasons. So that’s what we did.

It’s been several months now since we created our own special Sacred Space and though we are still finding our way with this, it is working better than any of our previous attempts. And  I hope that a few simple suggestions (not rules) may help you too in finding that sacred space within your own home.

Find a space that works for you

Whatever you choose is fine – you might have a specific space in mind, or you might have to give this a fair amount of thought before you find the right place for you. It could be a table in your room, a shelf on the wall, or even a quiet spot at the bottom of the garden. Just try and find a space that you will be able to access whenever you need and that is safe to leave without disruption from enquiring hands!

When we moved to our current house we talked about turning one of the alcoves into a sort of “altar” area. It is a space that we look at and see each day, but it is far enough out of the way that we knew we wouldn’t just keep dumping everyday bits and pieces on it. Though we don’t use it as an “altar” in any normal sense of the word, the collection of items upon it provides us with a great focus and intention when we need to find that calm within.

Choose items that mean something to you

It’s important than your Sacred Space becomes a reflection of who you are, what you believe, and what you want to focus on. It doesn’t matter what items you place there so much as what each item means to you. Typical items such as candles and incense and crystals and gifts from the season are all well and good, but if a photo of a loved one, a piece of your kid’s artwork, or a souvenir from a special holiday mean more to you then they are just as worthy to be there as anything else.

Our little alcove has two shelves in it, one each for Tim and myself. This worked perfectly for us as it enabled us to choose our own items without having to consult the other person. As you can see, I went for a more symmetrical and muted selection of items whereas Tim wanted to fill his shelf to the brim with a whole range of items that make up his own spirituality. In many ways I envy him, as I know my shelf reflects my continued hesitation in expressing my own faith without fear. But it still reflects many aspects of who I am and it is a start!

Give kids the freedom to create their own special places

When we first started using these shelves we included a space beneath them for WB by placing his stool there and putting a few crystals, a card he had chosen, and a toy deer on it. But we found it kept getting knocked about and reflected far more what we thought should be in his “special place” than what he wanted there.

So over time we gave up with it and began to notice that WB is perfectly happy creating his own special places all around the house!! He doesn’t have any specific special place, but he does have a wonderfully open and honest way of sharing what matters to him most – we’ll find his beloved toy cars placed carefully in certain places throughout the house; special stones (crystals) and our wedding rings will often move from our bedside cabinets to be displayed on the window ledge or on the chest of drawers in a unique fashion that obviously means something to WB; and I cannot begin to tell you how many crazy towers he has made out of objects that have attracted him.

To me, these are all ways in which he focuses on what is special to him, exactly what we are trying to do with our “altars”. As he grows older I hope that he might discover the joy in creating a sacred space that is his alone, but for now I love how he sees no boundaries and no need to even think that way.

Find inspiration online

With so very many resources available to us now via the internet I have no doubt that there will be someone, somewhere, who has created a Sacred Space in their own home that looks and feels like what you wish to achieve with yours. It may be on another blog or instagram or Pinterest, but wherever you find it just enjoy the process of being inspired by what others have created.

It can feel so daunting to start something new and sometimes even when we have a very specific idea in our mind it can be difficult to know how to pull it off and make it happen. This is where inspiration from others really comes into its own. Enjoy searching for examples from others, the very act of trying to find the right keywords to search with will help you define your own unique combination of styles and traditions. And then maybe print out some images and create a collage from those you love most, such a “mood board” will surely get those creative juices flowing!

Just go with the flow

When all else is said and done, I don’t think there is anything to do but simply get started, go with the flow, and see what happens. We can plan all we like but often it is in doing something that we discover what works and what doesn’t. What does it matter if the Sacred Space you end up with bears very little resemblance to the idea you started out with?

We’d love to hear from you and how you’ve created Sacred Spaces in your own home, especially when it comes to including your kids in this. We’re still very much finding our feet in all of this, so please do share if you have any thoughts to add!

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