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A Happy Hen

October 5, 2010


This was me at the end of Sunday, having had a lovely day with my Hens. The wedding is less than two weeks away and I have been in crazy-land with the last minute preparations (such as trying to find a strapless bra in my ridiculously awkward size that hardly any shops stock). So having a lovely day with the girls was the best thing for me.

Ice Cream

We started off with lunch in a local pub (far too much food for us to finish) and then walked around the Bail in Lincoln (in the rain) before heading to the Ice Cream Parlour with the 14th Century Cellar.


We then went bowling and I managed to beat my usual 100 mark to get 138 in the second game… oooh I was so chuffed! My sister was utterly shocked as we used to go when we were teenagers when on holiday and I was so skinny and small I never had enough strength to hit the pins hard enough to make them all fall down… now I regularly get strikes and spares thanks to far better muscle tone.


My photographer friend (who is taking the photos on the day and has an AWESOME camera) let me lose with said awesome camera. This has to be one of my favourite shots… it shows the “evil” side of her character… love you Dawn!


Unfortunately the rest of my hens were not so happy with being photographed (I never quite got this because I’ve always been more than happy to have my photo taken… in fact I’d go as far to say I love it). So I entertained myself by posing and pouting for the camera…


Telling everyone how great it was to have your photo taken, especially when there is such an AWESOME camera being used…


Until my big sister decided enough was enough and my head would explode if she let it get any bigger!

I can’t wait until the wedding day now when I’ll be allowed to pose as much as I like… already Dawn and I have a plan for a fake sword fight with the umbrellas!

I’m not going to be around much over the next couple of weeks… the wedding is next Friday (15th) and so I am on a crazy whirlwind right now. But I shall be back with photos after the wedding, I promise! And until then, don’t forget to check out iVillage UK every Tuesday for my latest article over there.

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    October 5, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding! Congratulations and I hope you all have an amazing day! ( I know you will!!)

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