All About Me

An image of Amanda, wearing a purple t-shirt and with a short pixie cut hairsytle, sitting in from of a cluster of oxeye daises. Underneath it says, "Hi', I'm Amanda" and is used to introduce readers to her About page.

Hi there, my name’s Amanda, and I’m delighted to welcome you here.

I’m a 30-something mum to Little Man and wife to Tim. Both Tim and myself are chronically ill, and Little Man has ASD & ADHD, so life is pretty challenging at times. However I believe that recovery from my illnesses is possible, and A Spiral Dance is my place to share my own personal road to recovery.

Here you’ll find posts on things that are most important to me, and which make up a huge part of my healing journey.

Faith & Spirituality

My Faith is incredibly fluid, and can be summed up as: I believe that “God” is the creative force behind all life, which is a limitless energy and presence that can be found in all religious paths and none. I’m a Christian, I celebrate the Pagan Sabbats, I love New Age teachings, and I often write about how these influence my life.

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Health & Wellbeing

As mentioned previously, Tim and I have a whole list of chronic illness diagnoses between us, and the past 5 years have been a steady decline into increasing debilitation for me in particular.

2020 brought with it some of my worst experiences physically, and I began to lose hope of ever recovering. And yet within the darkest moments I found the tools that I needed to really step onto the road to recovery. These include Neuroplasticity, complementary therapies, and meditation. I’ll be sharing lots about these.

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I have always loved creating things, and when I am feeling well this is my favourite way to pass the time. My favourite ways to get creative these days are crochet and writing. You can find a list of all my writing here, including my Young Adult novel, which I am excited to be working on again after ten years of leaving it sitting on a dusty shelf.

The Family Patch Family

Family Life

I always dreamed of having a large family, but life had different plans for me. Following my pregnancy with Hypermesis, we made the hardest decision to remain a One Child Family. Sometimes the grief of lost dreams still catches me, but I love this little family of mine and wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t tend to write specifically about family life, but everything I do revolves around these two.