Baby Ripples – photos at last!

May 26, 2010
blue green red and white ripple blanket

Before I begin this post I must apologise for the awful quality of the photos. I have yet to locate our actual camera and have resorted to using my phone, which unfortunately does not take the same standard of photo. But I was missing new photos so much and running out of older albums to steal images from for the blog so needs must and all that!

So without further ado, PHOTOS

Colourful Ripple Blanket in progress photo

These are the colours I chose for my very first ripple blanket. I promise you that in reality they are much bolder and brighter but with enough gentleness to create a glorious ripple blanket fit for any special like guy or girl in one’s life. The yarns are all 100% acrylic, keeping my costs relatively low, but they are so snuggly I can’t believe it. I am very funny about the feeling of yarn running through my fingers and if it isn’t just so I cannot use it as my fingers start to tingle and I cringe deep inside.

The idea behind this blanket was to create something that would suit any young addition to the family by being bright and versatile. In the winter it can be a cot or pram blanket and in the summer a bit of loveliness to take outside and lay on. I specifically chose a single-crochet ripple pattern rather than a granny square design so that a mother would be happy to lay her child on the grass, knowing that great big tufts of it wouldn’t poke through.


So this is where I’m at right now – the first part of the pattern complete. From here I will repeat the sequence already laid out (green, red, white, red, green, blue) and keep doing so until I reach the required length. It has taken me a week to get this far and although I have loved every minute of it I am beginning to wonder whether it really is the best design to follow when one plans to sell it for profit. I have to be realistic about these things if I am to make my little business a success and there is no way I could charge enough to cover my time and effort on this design. So I may just have to see how this goes and then plan on making some “quicker” blankets and smaller hats and bootees for the shop.

blue green red and white ripple blanket homemade progress photo

And I’ll also need to work on my ends. Being self-taught in crochet and never having tried changing colours before, I’m not quite sure I’ve quite mastered the skill yet. Another reason why this blanket may have to be a “trial sale” – one that brings back the cost of the materials but is used more for practise than any real profit.

And that suits me fine. With such a fun thing to do as sit in the evenings rippling away whilst I watch some old-fashioned scrumminess as “The Good Life” who could want anything more? Incidentally, I have been rewatching the whole series of The Good Life and finally reached the last one, you know the one where everything goes wrong and their house is wrecked? Oh, my, I almost cried! And some of that sadness was from knowing that I would now be missing my regular Tom and Barbara fix – oh, how I loved those two! If only we had the guts to live like them, maybe we’d all be a little bit happier…

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