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Baking with a Toddler for the Very First Time!

September 4, 2013

Little Man and I did something very special this week – we baked cakes together!

I haven’t baked in far too long and I suddenly realised that Little Man will be 2 in just over a fortnight and he has yet to experience the wonder of baking. That had to change.

We got off to a poor start as I realised my baking powder was out of date (and having only plain wheat-free flour to work with this was a really bad oversight on my part). So we trundled off to the corner shop and thankfully found some there.

We both put on our aprons, I carried a chair through from the dining room whilst Little Man emptied my cupboards…


And eventually we were all set to start baking!

While the oven heated up and I softened the butter in the microwave (because I forgot to take it out to come to room temperature), Little Man chose to pull all the paper cakes out of the muffin tin. Because apparently that is what you do when you are almost 2 and baking for the first time…

You also try to eat the batter before your mummy has even added the eggs and have to be consoled with a mini chocolate bar to distract you from the cocoa in the batter for just a little while longer.


Because if you don’t get some chocolate soon, you will go on strike!


Thankfully disaster was averted by mummy offering to let you have a sneaky little taste!


After a little stir, you help mummy add batter to the new paper cases she has hastily placed in the muffin tins, saying “yummy yummy” with every little spoonful you add, because that is what mummy did and you think it’s funny!


And then you decide that it is time to dive straight back in and eat some more batter before she puts it all into the paper cases because you have no idea where those are going…

Taste 2

Eventually, the cakes go in the oven and you go off to play (but not before you try to explore the eggs that mummy has left unattended, because they look like fun!).


Mummy chases you around to wipe you hands, and then asks you if you want to sit on the potty, which you do but only until mummy goes off to check the cakes and then you promptly run across the room leaving a trail of poo pellets (just like a rabbit, according to mummy) meaning that she has to come and clean up and the cakes end up getting a little burnt around the edges!

And that, dear readers, is where there are no more photos of the finished cakes.

They were sunken in the middle (I think I got my measurements of baking powder wrong due to trying to stop Little Man eating the mixture and not paying enough attention), burnt around the edges, and then squished flat by a bottle of oil falling out of the cupboard just as I was icing them.

All in all the end product of our first attempt at baking was tasty, if not so perfect to look at. But the fun that we had was far greater than anything I could have hoped for and I plan on baking with Little Man far more regularly from now on.

Do you bake with your children? What funny little mishaps have happened to you whilst baking?

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