BritMums Live! 2012 – I’m going, are you?

February 27, 2012
Amanda and Oscar

Last week I did something I’ve never done before: I signed up to go to a blogging conference.

I found out about BritMums Live! a tad later than I guess many of the BritMums ladies did, because a spate of stomach bugs and a broken boiler kept me from my laptop for rather longer than usual.

But it was a very timely find. I had just had my most recent session of CBT and my therapist had helped me pinpoint that a lot of my anxiety came from low self-esteem and that I needed to make more time for me and doing what made me feel good about myself.

I thought about going to BritMums Live! and then came up with several excuses, ranging from “I can’t justify spending that much money on something for me” through to, “is it really for bloggers like me?” My husband, bless his heart, told me to stop worrying and just book my ticket. So I did.

I’m supposed to be in Nuneaton the day before the event for another conference, so we’ve arranged for Oscar to stay at my parents, planned to stop off in Cambridge between the two events, and then have booked our hotel for the Friday night. So, with those details sorted out, it’s time for the fun to begin.

So here is my “Get To Know You” post for the “Meet and Greet” being held over at Stepford Wifey’s blog. I am looking forward to meeting lots of other bloggers over that weekend, and hopefully will get to know some of you before June too.

Name: Amanda

Blog: The Family Patch

Twitter ID@amandaspatch

Current Projects: I write weekly articles for iVillageUK and am currently writing a book on Hyperemesis Gravidarum and severe Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

Height: um, around 5ft 3

Hair: Long Brown (with a red tinge… maybe Aubourn, depends on the time of year as it changes)

Eyes: Dark Brown

Likes: Reading, Crafts (particularly Crochet), Walking, Trees, Singing (though not so much in public), Glastonbury (the town, not the festival, though I don’t mind the festival), Cloth Nappies, Chocolate, Cheese, Risotto, Tomato Soup, ‘Magical’ Artwork (e.g. that by Brian Froud, Susan Seddon Boulet etc), Handmade Gifts, Receiving Mail (of the good kind, not so keen on bills!), The Internet, Foreign Languages, The Promise of Spring, The Warmth of Summer, The Beauty of Autumn, Curling Up by the Fire in Winter, Being Warm, Christmas

Dislikes:  Being Ill, Endo, Jealousy (gotta work on that one!), Prejudice, Bullies, Lies

Amanda and Oscar

This post is part of the “Meet and Greet” for BritMums Live! 2012. 


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