Crochet Hook, Yarn and Stitch Conversion Chart (Free Printable)

August 29, 2014
Crochet Hook Yarn and Stitch Conversion Chart Free Printable

Today I thought I’d bring you another free printable – one for crochet this time!

Crochet Hook Yarn and Stitch Conversion Chart Free Printable

As I’m still working away at my Star Stitch fingerless gloves,  I started thinking about how far I have come since I first learnt how to crochet. How much more I now know about yarn weights and the hook sizes you should use with each to get the right gauge (tension).

In fact it’s only over time that I have learnt that I generally crochet a tighter tension than most (something I realised again this week when my second glove turned out smaller than the first because I wasn’t concentrating on working a looser stitch as the pattern called for).

Developing a new skill is a big learning curve, and there are some things out there that are really sent to challenge you. In crochet this is very true when you think about how the US and UK patterns both use different terminologies (or rather they use the same terms to mean different things – confusing or what?)

So I thought it might be a good idea to create a chart that brought all these pieces of information together. I personally keep them handwritten in a notebook… but I keep misplacing said notebook and so an online version is a much appreciated addition for me too! There are other charts out there already which cover these basics, but I found I had to keep switching between pages and websites to find what I needed and decided I’d rather have it all in one place.

If you’d like to download a copy of it you can do by clicking on the link below. I do hope you will find it useful.

The Family Patch’s Crochet Hook, Yarn and Stitch Chart

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