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“Darling” – the funny names our kids give us!

August 30, 2013

Little Man has recently taken to calling me “darling”.

Not mama. Never mummy. Just Darling.

And it tickles me so much that out of all the words he could have chosen, this is the one he chose for me. I mean, I have no idea if he truly realises just what a sweet word he has chosen for his mama. What has most likely happened is that he has heard me call him “darling” on so many occasions that he simply associates this word with me. And whilst it makes my heart burst with emotion every time his beautiful voice calls out to me in this way, the biggest thing it does is make me chuckle…

Like when he stands at the gate to his bedroom, shouting “darling, darling, darling” down the stairs because he really does not want to go to bed right now even though it is dark and far too late for little boys to still be awake. He shouts “darling” whenever he wants his mama and it usually works!

But it is not just when he wants something that he uses this term of endearment to call me. When we pick him up from nursery he runs across the room shouting “darling” with a grin on his face and a kiss ready to bestow on me. Daddy is called “dada”, but mama  doesn’t have a name, she is “darling”.

He even says it when we’re out and about and he just wants my attention. I cannot actually remember the last time he even muttered anything close to “mama” or “mummy” let alone call me one of these names. Yet he used to call me both of those names quite clearly.

I guess he is making his own connections. Just a few weeks ago whenever we went to get him up in the morning he’d smile at us and say “baby boy” because that was what we called him when we saw him. “Morning, baby boy” we’d say to him and he’d reply with “baby boy” as he launched himself at us for a cuddle.

That has since stopped and he’s moved on to “darling”. I wonder how many other words he might say if we used them often enough? I don’t mind “sweetheart” but I’d be a bit annoyed if he started shouting, “oi” to get my attention! (I hasten to add that we do not use “oi” in our house, but my point is that he is obviously copying our language so well these days that we really need to watch what we say and how we say it).

At the end of the day, though, I am truly loving being my baby boy’s “darling”. He’ll be 2 in less than 3 weeks. Before I know it he will be too grown up to want to hold my hand or kiss me in public, so thoughts of calling me “darling” will be long gone. I plan on treasuring these moments whilst they happen and creating such sweet memories to remind me of this beautiful stage of our lives.

Has your child ever used a funny or sweet name for you? (My mum was once called “Woofa” for years by a girl she looked after… and that’s girl’s own daughter is now being taught the name “Woofa” just for good measure!)

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