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Finding Joy…

February 8, 2013

This week has been awful.

Well… the beginning of it anyway.

And in saying that, I realise just how long we hold on to the pain and sadness sometimes.

When life beats you down, time and again, it is easy to lose yourself in fear.

I know, I have done it many times.

Finding joy doesn’t mean ignoring the pain, or losing it altogether. But it also doesn’t mean having to wait until everything is hunky dory before looking for that joy. Because life sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?

And this week it felt like it sucked big time. And the pain and sadness seemed immense. But I wanted joy.

And so I went on a search for happiness… for joy… for the simple things in life… for the light in the darkness.

It led me to create a pinterest board called “Happiness is…” You can find it here.

My favourite things about creating this board are the simplest ones…

“Happiness is… staring at the moon”

“Happiness is… being silly once in a while”

“Happiness is… a hug”

I still feel sad about various things, but it has reminded me to appreciate the simple things that light up my life.

Today “Happiness is…” listening to my little boy singing with Grandma and Grandad on the phone. It’s watching him find the greatest pleasure out of being given a pen and allowed to “help” mama fill in her puzzle book. It’s seeing how much everything is a wonder to him.

He feels the greatest joy at the simplest things. He also throws the biggest tantrums when simple things are beyond his experience. Great joy does not negate great sadness, but it does make that sadness ease away.

So tell me, how would you complete the sentence “Happiness is…”

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