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For The Love Of Pottering

March 17, 2012
Little man in his pushchair

I never was one to enjoy pottering. I always had to have a project or two (or ten!) which I was working towards. Pottering just annoyed me because it took up time I so desperately needed for other things. Or so I thought…

Washing drying in the sun on a washing line in a garden

But suddenly, since having Little Man, I seem to be enjoying it far more.

I’m not sure what is behind this new love of mine.

Perhaps it is because I spent so many months during my pregnancy totally incapable of doing the most basic of things. Pottering was out of the question, and since that I have a whole new perspective for how lucky I am to just be able to get up, think of doing something, and then do it.

Or maybe it is because, as some friends of mine recently noted, when you have a baby everything seems to take so long that the instant gratification you get from pottering and getting little bits done here and there is so amazing. Plus, pottering takes you away from the humdrum of routine you get into with little ones!

And then there is the CBT I’ve been having. As my sessions progress, I am beginning to see the behaviours I had which were unhelpful and often unhealthy. My perfectionist trait and the need to value myself by what I achieved meant that pottering was a meaningless activity. But as I begin to question these core beliefs and work towards changing them, I am beginning to enjoy the simplicity of some things.

Like hanging out the laundry on a beautiful Spring day…

Washing drying in the sun

(please excuse the sofa… we are waiting to either borrow a trailer or hack it to pieces to fit in our car so we can get it to the dump!)

I’m willing to bet that my newfound love of pottering comes from a mixture of all three of these changes that have occurred over the past year.

When I think back to this time last year and how I could barely get out of bed still, and sitting outside near the back door ready to rush to the toilet at any moment and counting down the hours until I could retreat back to bed, I cannot help but revel in the sheer simplicity of being outdoors.

And when I can take Little Man outside with me, it makes pottering so much more fun and easier to manage than a lot of things. And let’s not forget, he¬†doesn’t mind if it isn’t perfect, so why should I?

Small baby in a pushchair in the sun

So tell me, do you potter? And what do you love/hate so much about it?

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