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It’s December!!

December 1, 2012

How on earth did this happen?

I went for an interview on 1st November, and now I’ve just completed my second week at work, TJ has the chance of a new job in the new year, and it’s almost Christmas… um, where did that last month go? And how did so much happen so quickly?

This all means, of course, that I am way behind in preparing for the fun of Christmas. We’ll be celebrating both the Winter Solstice and Christmas this year (TJ is off but I am working on 21st and I am off but TJ is working on 25th… confusing, huh?!)

Little Man is a tad too young to enjoy it all this year, but we’re still going to have a blast. And then, come the New Year, I have some thoughts and ideas I’d like to put into place. So fingers crossed I find the time…

I couldn’t let the first day of Advent pass by without a quick update, but really there isn’t much to say other than we’re all super busy, I am so far behind on Christmas prep that it is scary, and I’m too busy enjoying some “me time” after the past few hectic weeks that I can’t think of much more to say. So, sorry for the slightly bizarre post, I’ll be back soon with some more cohesive blogging!!

Happy Advent Everybody…


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