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My Bucket List (and how it has changed)

May 10, 2012

So, two posts in two days wasn’t really in my “plan” for spending less time on the internet, but when I came across this awesome post on The Supermom Liberation Project I just had to create my own Bucket List. I mean what’s more important than that?

I’m going to include things I have already done (or partly done) because they are still important items on my list…

  • Marry the man I love
  • Have a baby¬†
  • Find peace regarding Endo, HG and other health factors that affect my life
  • Complete and publish the book on HG
  • Complete my novel/series
  • Develop a happy work/life balance
  • Complete my family (whether that be through facing HG again, adoption or staying as we are)
  • Learn to make my own clothes
  • Design and use a herb garden for cooking, healing and household items
  • Take a course in aromatherapy
  • Practise yoga regularly
  • Write stories just for Little Man
  • Learn to recognise as many native trees and flowers as possible
  • Visit Scotland
  • Take Little Man to Disneyland for Christmas
  • Stay in a Yurt
  • Travel around Britain (visiting all the ancient places)
  • Drive along Route 66 in the US
  • Meet all my close blogging friends
  • Buy our own house
  • Take and pass my driving test
  • Make a patchwork quilt
  • Own a DSLR and learn to use it
  • Try painting using acrylic paints
  • Paint lots of pictures for around the house
  • Decorate our home to reflect each season
  • Throw TJ a birthday party
  • Host the whole family for Christmas one year
  • Find and join a spiritual community where we live

I’m sure there are other things I will add to this list as time goes by. So I may well link to it from my sidebar at some point.

Most of the items are pretty simple and humble – no grand dreams like my 18 year old self would have had. Things like “climb a mountain” and “become fluent in several languages” were okay for the person I was ten years ago, but now I have a desire for a much simpler way of life. I’m no longer striving for the “big things” but rather the “small things that mean the most”.

There are still some big dreams, like buying our own house and travelling along Route 66 which we hope will happen one day. And those are enough for me.

So, why not join in the fun and create your own Bucket List to share with us?

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