Queer Owned Businesses to Support During Pride

June 4, 2022
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June is Pride Month and you’ll see rainbows everywhere these days. But don’t be fooled! Many big businesses will be cashing in on this without actually doing anything to benefit the LGBTQ+ community at all. Which is why I decided to create a list of queer owned businesses that you could support this year during pride (and beyond!) so you can get your rainbow goodies (and more) whilst actually supporting the community.

If you know of a business that you think should be on this list, let me know. Please include a link to your shop or website, and details about the business (similar to the listings below) to make it quicker and easier for me to add you to the list.

A small note about this list

I have tried my best to organise the list in a way that helps you find what you are looking for more easily, because there are just so many amazing queer owned businesses out there! In the end I decided the most logical way was to split the list by location (so you can factor in shipping costs) and then type of store. I hope this helps.

In the UK


Gays The Word
Based in London, Gays The Word is the UK’s oldest LGBT bookshop. It was originally set up in 1979 by a group of gay socialists as a community space where all profits were funnelled back into the business. Today it continues to sell a wide range of books and host events.

Portal Bookshop
The Portal Bookshop is based in York and sells a wide range of Science Fiction and Fantasy books, as well as all the LGBTQIA books they can source from the UK, US, and beyond.

Queer Lit
Queer Lit is based in Manchester, and alongside stocking a wide range of LGBTQ+ books and merchandise, they also enable customers to donate towards their books for schools programme which provides around 100 books to schools across the UK every month.

Charity Stores

Lou Designs
Lou has a small variety of items that they make and sell with profits going to a range of charitable organisations.

Etsy Stores

Dorothy and Belle
Dorothy and Belle is a small, queer owned shop selling bracelets, embroidery, and clay based crafts.

Lou Campbell Ryan Art
Lou is a disabled, queer, scouse artist, who creates original, one of a kind pieces of artwork that are absolutely stunning. They’re also happy to accept commissions.

Instagram Stores

Crystal and Stem
Crystal and Stem is a queer, disabled, bipoc owned store selling bold, bougie, and bespoke dried flower bouquets, as well as ethically sourced crystals and vases.

Individual Stores

EM Harding specialises in photorealistic surrealism and bright, fun illustrations. Their frog watercolours are always a particularly popular product.

KelZo Jewellery
KelZo create the most adorable and funky polymer clay jewellery, and even have a permanent Pride Collection with 10% of the profits from it going to LGBTQ+ charities.

Peachy Pie Designs
Peachy Pie is based in South Wales, and creates whimsical, dreamy jewellery out of polymer clay. The designs are created by the mother and daughter team – Kelly and Molly.

Queer Little Shop
Based in Wales, Queer Little Shop produces a range of stickers, badges, postcards, t-shirts, and so many more accessories, all with fun and quirky queer designs.

VerdaRose has a wide range of stickers, art prints, jewellery, clothing, and accessories with both a queer and gothic or mystical vibe.

Kofi Stores

Fish Outta Water
Fish Outta Water is run by Dory, a chronically ill, genderqueer videographer/photographer, who sells stickers and t-shirts to help cover transition costs and fund future projects.

Redbubble Stores

Gender-Queerdo produces a range of stickers, prints, t-shirts, and accessories with designs that tend to have a human rights aspect to them.

In Europe

Etsy Stores

Sweet Bunni Creations
Aoife is based in Ireland and creates adorable stickers, greetings cards, bookmarks, and colouring sheets.

Redbubble Stores

Based in Spain, Marta is a self taught queer artist with an incredible selection of stickers, t-shirts, and other accessories including tote bags, badges, masks and more, in such fun, inclusive, and quirky designs.

In the US


The Bureau of General Services – Queer Division
This is an independent, volunteer led, cultural centre, bookstore, and event space, hosted by The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York.

Huck and Puck Books
Based in Pasadena, California, Huck and Puck Books describes themselves as ‘Your Neighbourhood LGBTQIA+ Bookstore’ and also offers free ground shipping on all orders over $100.

Loyalty Bookstore
Loyalty’s founder, Hannah Oliver Depp, is a Black and Queer Bookseller who is passionate about creating an inclusive space which both highlights and serves the diverse voices of the queer and black communities.

Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room
Originally founded in 1973, Giovanni’s Room has served the LGBTQ community of Philadelphia for decades. It had to close its doors in 2014, but shortly afterwards Philly AIDS Thrift signed a lease to continue selling LGBTQ books alongside clothing, bric a brac, housewares, and art, securing its legacy for generations to come.

Unabridged Bookstore
For 40+ years, Unabridged Bookstore has been Chicago’s premier go-to-bookstore for LGBTQ literature, and is known for its dedicated and knowledgeable staff who offer personal recommendations.

Violet Valley
Violet Valley is Mississippi’s only Queer Feminist Transinclusive Bookstore. It is run as a non-profit organisation and all donations are used to help with operational costs and to improve the bookstore.

Etsy Stores

Butterflyzinnia is a lesbian and non-binary artist, whose store includes stickers, prints, and crystal jewellery.

Journey to Self Designs
Journey to Self Designs is a latina, queer owned store, selling beautiful jewellery, gratitude journals, and self care items.

Lillivella Spellwork
Jenna creates a range of acrylic art, handmade pottery, and jewellery.

Minichelle Designs
Minichelle Designs is a queer, latinx artist selling stickers, pins, and more accessories for many queer identities.

QueerPrideUS is a queer owned business that sells a vast array of stickers, postcards, magnets, keychains, and colouring pages covering many LGBTQ+ identities.

Scully’s Stuff
Scully’s Stuff is a trans owned store with a range of Pride merch from custom earrings (in ALL Pride flags) to pet bandanas, and all sales benefit a local pride charity. They also have a Disney inspired line that donates to a charity helping queer Floridians.

Individual Stores

FLAVNT is an incredible LGBT Apparel clothing brand, created by and for the community. It is 50% trans owned, and the other 50% of the team is made up of queer women. A portion of the proceeds from purchases goes to a fundraising partner when they have one, and when they don’t it goes towards supporting the FLAVNT team. FLAVNT (pronounced “flaunt”) is all about being comfortable in who you are and flaunting it to the world, and they even have a range of bareskin binders in a range of skin tones “for a ‘shirtless’ experience”. And yes, they do ship internationally!

Gay Breakfast
Gay Breakfast is a shop filled with LGBTQ+ pins, & prints.

Made By Mallari
Mal loves to crochet and make resin art, and their store contains a range of items including crocheted tops and bags, and resin keyrings and coasters.

White Wave Creations
White Wave Creations makes the most stunning stained glass pieces, some with various pride colours! There are also art prints, stickers, and jewellery in the store too.


Sam is a queer artist selling a range of stickers, t-shirts, badges, phone cases, and more accessories via their Redbubble store.

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