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The Return of Simple Pleasures

July 25, 2012
sunlight on tree bark trunk

Do you remember how everything was so exciting when you were younger? It really and truly didn’t take much to make your heart sing with the sheer joy of simply doing something.


Little Man reminds me of this daily. The way he can sit for hours just playing with the simplest of things (usually not his toys, I might add!), chasing rainbows across the floor, or falling into a fit of giggles just because someone says, “boo!”

And slowly but surely he is starting to change the way I view the world too.

light on a tree trunk

We went out for a walk today, a real treat after being stuck indoors with a virus for most of the past week. And I enjoyed simply walking around the orchard where we were, taking photos of the way the light played on the trees.

There was no purpose to this. I have far more photos of light and trees than I care to admit (shhhh, it’s bordering on an obsession!) But I did it anyway. Just because.

And it reminded me of how life used to be. Before deadlines, health issues and financial worries wore me down. My control mechanism had always been to “take control”, or rather try to at least. But therapy helped me to realise that the more I grasped for control, the more I lost. And the more “perfect” I tried to be, the worse I made things for myself.

Amanda and Little Man both smiling

I “graduated” from therapy last week. After 7 months of looking deep into myself, I finally feel a peace has settled. I’ve shaken out all those areas of uncertainty, pain, guilt and fear and allowed happiness, acceptance and wonder to fill the empty spaces. And it feels good.

I have my “toolkit” to help deal with the wobbles that life throws at us all, and I feel more confident in myself and what I’m doing.

There are things in my life that require dedication, determination and sacrifice. Things like parenting, writing the HG book, and making a secure future for ourselves. But there are just as many things that provide the freedom to just express myself, no matter what the outcome.

And those are the “Simple Pleasures” I’m talking about.

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