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Time Out vs. The To-Do List

May 17, 2016
Bluebells and Old Tree Stump

Since re-opening The Family Patch my to-do list has grown immeasurably. Not only am I now writing two blogs, but I am also working on products, services and resources behind-the-scenes for both (and a new venture that pulls them both together under a single brand). No easy feat, especially when you consider I also work 3 days a week and Little Man still only does 15 hours a week at pre-school!

But my to-do list became pretty epic last week when on top of all of the above, I was struck down with the flu (so out of action for several days, and still not fully up to speed). And I’m pulling extra shifts at work to cover holidays and absences. Let’s just say spare time is not a word I recognise right now…

So you’d be forgiven for thinking that taking time-out for a walk in the local Arboretum would be bottom of my life of things to do. I mean, with laundry piles as high as my waist, a house to tidy, and two blog posts to hash out today, a walk in the park really shouldn’t be a priority, should it? But you know what, I’m starting to learn that the less time I have the more time I should make for simply stopping to smell the roses.

I’m far more productive when I take time out to relax and breath and recentre myself, especially in light of my focus on “Healing” this year. And so that’s what I did –  I dropped Little Man off at pre-school and then went for a walk. With my camera. Because it’s a beautiful day. And I’m so glad I did, because here’s what I found…

Horse Chestnut Candles

Robin RedBreast

Grey Squirrel

Bluebells and Horse Chestnut

Bluebells and Old Tree Stump

Such happy sights of Spring! They filled my heart with joy and reminded me of the wonder and beauty in nature that I so often overlook and miss as I whizz about from one task to the next, forgetting to sit back and watch as nature unfolds her bounty year after year!

Tell me – do you ever ditch the to-do list in favour of taking some time out?

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    Regina L. L. Wells
    May 17, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Your post brought me joy! I agree that the best thing that you can do when the to-do list is growing is to take a beat and enjoy what is around you. You’re right…it helps to recenter and recharge. Thank you so much for sharing with #ShareTheJoyLinky!

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    May 22, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    I think ,sometimes the greatest thing one can do, is take time out from all the chores and heal the soul with a beautiful walk in the garden, the beach or whatever. It seems to recharge the soul and when you return home, you have more energy to do those lil things. Remember, housework will always be there, but a beautiful sunny day may not. So glad you took this time for yourself. It can only benefit you.

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