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Today I’m in Tears… International Hyperemesis Awareness Day

May 15, 2013

HG Awareness
Well, the title says it all I guess… today (May 15th) is International HG Awareness Day, and it has hit me in a way I really didn’t expect it to.

It’s been a really tough time for me, coming to terms with my pregnancy experience and the choice we have since made to never have any more children. And just when I think I have a handle on things, when I think I have found peace with it all, something crops up to remind me that there are still times when I shall wish with all my heart and soul that things had been different.

The other night I had a dream that I gave birth to two more children. I remember dreaming some very specific things, like making myself cherish the bump because I knew I would never again get that opportunity. And when I woke, I felt empty. It wasn’t real and it never would be. And that hurt more than I can tell.

But then, I remembered why we made this decision. I saw the photos of women during their HG hell, and I heard the awful way in which women and their families are still being treated. And it reminded me that I never, ever want to have to face that again. It’s not just 9 months of your life, these things stay with you a very long time.

But still… talking with all the HG sufferers and survivors this week about their experiences and how much the support means to them, made me realise just how strong we all are. We’ve survived hell and some very brave women have done it more than once. They are far braver than I am!

Which means that instead of writing a long post about why I am so passionate about supporting these women and their families, I am going to turn it over to them to show you. If you do just one thing today, please let it be to watch the video below. It is the greatest testament to the strength of these women and the reason why I will not stop campaigning for the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support until every woman gets the treatment and support she needs, and more importantly, deserves.

Thank you.



Video credit: This video has been created by Emma Edwards, a volunteer for Pregnancy Sickness Support.

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The following posts have all been written to share very personal accounts of what HG is truly like. Please consider reading some of them!

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The following is a poem written by someone I know through Pregnancy Sickness Support





HG Awareness Day is all thanks to the HER Foundation, a US based charity that has been working tirelessly to support women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum through research and education. During my own pregnancy in 2010, it was the HER Foundation I turned to for support as at that time I did not know Pregnancy Sickness Support existed. The two charities are in regular contact and work together to ensure that women either side of the Atlantic receive the best possible support and care. So whilst my own efforts are focussed mainly on supporting women here in the UK, I feel a great need to also support th HER Foundation in any way I can.

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