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June 15, 2011
Blue sky and beautiful tree
Sky shot through the branches of a beautiful tree

As time moves on and we get closer and closer to the arrival of our baby, my thoughts have become increasingly connected to preparing the house for bringing him home. I spent a lot of time over the weekend rearranging the bookcases, and (as you will find out tomorrow) have made a start on clearing the room that will be his as it currently acts as a storage space for my craft supplies.

I love adding bits and pieces to our house to make it more representative of who we are, and I wanted to create a nursery theme that did the same. I have no doubt that our son will have his own strong ideas about how he wants his room decorating when he is older, but I wanted to give him a fun and inspiring room to begin his life with us.

And so, knowing how much we love being out in nature and how much we wish to share this love with our child, I thought we could create a woodland themed nursery for him. I want the space to be fun, bright and interactive, whilst retaining an air of magic about it. So I looked online for inspiration, and found some of the cutest things which are all completely out of my budget but great for getting my own imagination going…

We’re a little limited in what we can add to the room as we currently rent it and getting permission to paint his room seems like far too much hassle when I think about how much paperwork we had to deal with when moving in and how hard it is to have to go through the letting agent to get an answer from the landlord. So, as the room is a neutral cream colour, we are hoping to add splashes of brightness through accessories and pictures.

I came up with the idea of creating a “woodland alphabet” whereby for each letter there is an A5 sized watercolour painting of something that we might find in our woodland wanderings that began with that letter. So A for acorn, B for bird, C for caterpillar etc. Some of the letters have several things we could include in the picture and so we will try and incorporate them all. My mum has been set the task of trying to pull the ideas together and I hope we can work on them as a team to provide a beautiful alphabet for the nursery.

Once the paintings are done, I plan on buying 26 plain wooden frames and painting them in a variety of greens, yellow and brown to bring the colours of the woodland onto the walls. My hope is that as he grows Oscar can move around the room and look at these pictures, and start associating them with what he sees when we are out and about in nature.

Some letters we are struggling with, like X and Z, and W and Y are quite tricky too as although we could use specifics like a Yew tree and a Woodpecker, I’m not sure if being that specific is going to confuse him when he is still trying to learn the words for “tree” and “bird”.

I’m also on the lookout for woodland inspired bedding for his cot, but am yet to find one that fits the idea I have. If all else fails, I may buy a plain white or green set and applique a design onto it. It is very exciting to think about and I am itching to get started on it, but still have to clear his room before I can do much more on it.

I’m sure his nursery will come together beautifully in time and I do so hope he will enjoy sleeping there once he is old enough to move from our room to his. How exciting to think of him growing up and learning all the different words in his alphabet. I cannot wait!

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    June 15, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Oscar’s bedroom will look great. x

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    July 12, 2011 at 10:46 am

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier: X is for Xylos, the Latin for wood! Hence xylophone, xylum (the material in a tree trunk that sends moisture up to the leaves, if I remember year 8 biology correctly) and the like. Or, have you thought of Latin bird names? I remember learing the silly ones from a very early age: did you know that a hoopoe is upupa epops?

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