Not Quite Out

Book Review

Review of Not Quite Out by Louise Willingham

February 2, 2021
The book Not Quite Out by Louise Willingham, which has a pale blue front cover with two white male characters drawn on it. One has blond hair and is wearing a blue sweater over a pink shirt and looking towards the reader. The second has brown hair, is wearing glasses and a pinkish purplish shirt and is walking away from the reader but looking back over his shoulder. Next to the book lay a postcard which says "you are tenacious" on it, with 3 horizontal bands of colour in pink, purple, and blue; a blue book plate saying the same thing and which is signed by the author and a blue bookmark with the book's title on it. They are all laying on a piece of dark purple tissue paper.

Not Quite Out is a story about love and friendship, battling inner demons, and learning to trust others with our secrets. It is written from the point of view of William, who is a second year medical student at Keele University, and who has yet to feel able to come out as bisexual even though he has some very close friends within the LGBT Society. He has just…