The Brethren

The Family Patch The Brethren A Young Adult Fantasy Novel Published One Chapter At A Time

What is The Brethren?

The Brethren is a Young Adult fantasy series, that I have chosen to share one chapter at a time as I work on it. It is based in a fantasy world, not too unlike our own medieval period, and follows a group of people called The Brethren.

The Brethren are men and women who have been blessed by the Gods and are able to manipulate the fabric of the world in which they live. Generally used for good, this power can sometimes be abused and the series follows the build up of a threat that could destroy everything.

We start our journey as our protagonist, Bethia, begins her training. She believes that adapting to her new life will be her greatest challenge, but she has no idea of the battle that is brewing within which she will play an integral part.

The Story begins…

The Brethren Chapter Onechapter one

We join our protagonist, Bethia, at the end of a three day journey to reach the capital city and start her new life as a member of The Brethren. Her first glimpses of the city and the Abbey from the stagecoach window, as well as the conversation from her fellow passengers, hint at just how different her life is about to become.

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The Brethren Chapter Twochapter two

After entering the Abbey and meeting Brother Devin, the charming Head of Entrants and Guardians, Bethia takes her place in the Chapel for her Dedication Ceremony. It is here that she first meets her Guardian, Brother Carew. What will they think of each other, and how reliable are first impressions anyway?

Chapter Two – Coming Soon…

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