The Inadequacy of Words

The Inadequacy of Words by Amanda Shortman. The book cover has a cream background with a pale blue messy circle and a line drawing of a person's face with eyes closed.

The Inadequacy of Words is my first published poetry collection (if you don’t include the two handsewn books I made with the help of my mum in the early 00s!)

It is a collection inspired by my experiences as a disabled, chronically ill, neurodiverse person who struggles with her mental health.

It is an attempt to use my natural skill with language to give voice to the experiences that so many of us face, but which remain mostly unheard.

However, as the title of the book so clearly states, words can never fully express our experiences. They simply aren’t big enough to hold all the grief and anger and sadness, as well as the hope, and joy, and resilience we find.

It feels as if no book on this subject will ever be complete, as our experiences are so vast. But I hope that in this little collection you’ll find something which you can relate to.

If you’re looking for the resources list, it is here.


From 20th November 2023 you can buy the kindle or paperback versions from the following sites: