Parenting: The First Year

Let Me Tell You About A Boy I Know

June 19, 2012
TJ and Little Man crouching laughing and playing together

TJ feeding Little Man an ice cream cornet whilst sitting on the grass together

He’s my Husband and he means the world to me.

And this weekend past he got to celebrate his very first Father’s Day.


TJ and Little Man close to each other playing

My baby boy absolutely adores his daddy.

Almost as much as mummy loves daddy.


TJ and Little Man crouching and laughing on the grass

In the five years we’ve been together, TJ has seen me through so many things. Things which some people never have to face. Things that a lot of people probably face over ten, twenty, thirty years or more, rather than just five short years.

And yet he loved me enough to marry me and give me the most gorgeous gift of all… Little Man!

TJ laughing and running towards little man on the grass

Sometimes he infuriates me more than anyone else ever has.

And yet none of that compares to the way he makes me laugh.

Or the way he makes my heart melt whenever he does something truly amazing.

Even when he has no idea just how amazing he is.

TJ and Little Man both looking out at the water

‘Let Me Tell You About A Boy I Know…

‘He kisses me and he holds me tight
And whispers “Baby, everything is alright”
That’s why I know, Yes I know
Hallelujah, I just love him so

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