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July 12, 2013

I’m sure most of you have figured out by now that TJ and I love nature. But what you might not know is that Little Man is also developing a real love of being outdoors, digging his hands into the dirt, watching the bees buzzing around, watering the plants in the garden,  and generally enjoying every last minute he can before he is called indoors for dinner or bed.

If he wants to go out he will grab my hand and drag me to the back door, or bring me his shoes to put on. There have been times when he has gone into the garden with the most fetching of outfits, just a nappy and his wellies!! I have never known a child get so worked up over the time it takes to put shoes on or grab the keys from the front door… he is just so desperate to get out there!


He is fascinated by the fact plants grow high above his head, but is perhaps  more perplexed by the fact his “twirly whirlies” (that would be the windmills) are up there too… he’s seen them in the garden but what are they doing all the way up there?


Note the pen grasped firmly in his hand… this is another “obsession” of his!

He has this game he plays where he walks right to the top of the garden, his back against the fence, and shouts “ready, steady, go” before running down the path (swerving around the strawberry planter and washing on the rotary airer) and having an explore of another part of the garden before he goes back to the fence to start again.


It isn’t just the plants he loves… he will play with anything, so long as it is outside! Here he is “scrubbing” the dirt on the floor after he found the two scrubbing brushes I had thrown out the door (when emptying the bucket) earlier that day after cleaning the kitchen floor.


He’ll creep into the smallest places to have a peek (one of his favourite places being between the dustbin and the recycling bin, but I am always too busy coaxing him out of there to take a photo!)


And he most definitely loves getting right in there between the plants and having a dig around. His version of weeding currently consists of his grabbing one handful of soil after another and throwing them onto the path.


He’s my nature baby and he can’t wait to show me all the wonderful things he has found outdoors!



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