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No garden too small

June 30, 2010
Trees in the garden, one a mystery

This is the view I have of our little garden from just outside the kitchen door. Isn’t it lovely?

Side garden view with pink flowers and paved path

I was very lucky to grow up in a home where the garden was large and well-loved. I ate homegrown vegetables and watched as my parents turned it into the garden of their dreams. I never really understood the interest in garden centres and weeding the garden until we moved to our first flat and we had no garden to escape to. Let’s just say that the gardening bug well and truly bit me in our last house and I plan on making the most of this little garden of ours…

Various potted outdoor plants - potted herbs

It started with potted herbs from our last home – rosemary and thyme. We then added the sage and chives from the local B&Q clearance section…

Runner beans growing in the garden

It continued with some runner beans that my dad planted for us – look at them grow!

fledgling garden plants

We also have courgettes (zucchini) that my dad grew from seed and I am looking forward to eating the lovely things once they’re grown… that’s if the slugs don’t get there first!


tomato plants

My darling dad also grew us some tomatoes that will survive outside – aren’t we lucky?

beetroot plugs freshly planted

We added some beetroot plugs we got from the clearance section as well – I do love a good clearance section, don’t you?

Plants growing in plastic boxes in the garden

They are currently growing in the boxes we used in our last garden, but next year we plan on expanding the border between the fence and lawn so that we can plant proper rows of veg in the garden. Talking about the lawn – it needs a bit of weeding and TLC too!

A pear tree hanging over the fence

We’re also looking forward to trying some of the pears that are growing on the branch hanging over our fence from next door’s garden. There is building work going on next door at the moment, so I don’t know who to ask if they mind us having a few, but seeing as though there is an absolute abundance of pears on both side of the fence I’m sure it won’t be to big a deal.

Two budding trees, a Buddleia on the left and a mystery tree

And talking about trees… does anyone know what kind of tree this is (on the left… the Buddleia on the right kind of planted itself and I haven’t decided what to do with it yet). The tree on the left was found in the front of our house, having seeded itself in the border. As we used to live opposite an old church I can only assume that something blew over from there. It has grown so big in the year since I pulled it up and potted it and I am still not 100% sure what kind of tree it is… our tree book suggests something like a sycamore or maple family but further than that we are stumped.


A fairy statue in a garden

Not that we need to know to appreciate it. Β A little bit of unknown magic is a lovely thing in a garden, just like this little fairy who was a gift from my parents in our last home. She came with us and now sits by the Feverfew, watching all that goes on and protecting our little visitors…

Metal bird feeder

…the birds! I mentioned to my parents that I had seen a couple of sparrows in the garden and so they bought us this bird feeding station as a house-warming gift. It took a few days for the birds to find it, but yesterday they were well and truly loving it. We had a sparrow, a chaffinch (I think, I need a bird book to be sure) and a wood pigeon all enjoying the combination of treats. You should have seen the wood pigeon trying to land on it!!

Yes, our little garden is flourishing already and we have only been here a couple of weeks. I do hope that it will become a real haven for us and maybe, just maybe, we’ll inspire you to try and make the most of even the smallest part of your own garden because there really is “no garden too small”.

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