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April 23, 2013

Oh my… hasn’t it been wonderful to have a little bit of sunshine the odd few days over the past week or two? I was beginning to think that we’d never see the end of Winter!


I never realised how much the weather affected my mood until we had such a long, drawn-out Winter and I felt the desperate need for a bit of Spring air. And now it is here, my mood has lifted magnificently.


The combination of a bit of warmth and Real Nappy Week has reminded me of the good things in life, the reason I want to look after our beautiful earth, and has inspired me to get out in the garden and plant, plant, plant.


We have a tiny garden, and today we are having a new fence put up at the back. The soil is very heavy clay and a nightmare to work. But when the sun shines it is a little sun-trap and I want us to make the most of it.


Little Man has thoroughly enjoyed spending time outdoors, and I hope to make the garden somewhere we can spend a fair bit of time. I took a million photos and am going to do a big photo dump today, because the photos just make me so happy. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with Mamtography (I take the photos but rarely find time to post them regularly) so hopefully this will make up for the lack of photos lately.








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