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The Garden: Summer 2012

July 27, 2012
rose bud

TJ and I haven’t had much experience with gardening.

Our first year together we lived in a flat with no garden. Our second year we lived in a lovely village but due to our commuting times we had hardly any chance to make the most of it. Our third year was taken up with a relocation and preparation for our wedding. Our fourth year was blighted by my pregnancy and Hyperemesis. So this year we’ve really gone all out to try and make our garden feel like “ours”.

Beautiful rose close up

We planted roses…

rose bud

so full of promise.

lavender growing in the garden

We added lavender… lots of it!

beautiful little yellow flowers in the garden

My dad gave us lots of bits from his garden, most of which I cannot name…

yellow and purple flowers growing in the garden

but it all really helps brighten up the garden.

If we’ve done so well this year, despite all the funny weather and our lack of experience, then I cannot wait to see how much more we might get from the garden in future years. Isn’t it exciting!

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