Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing are a major focus for us here at The Patch, because quite frankly they need to be. Between us, TJ and I have 5 different chronic health diagnoses, and our medicine cupboard sometimes feels like it could stock a pharmacy!

But as much as we are thankful for the medications that help us cope with our most challenging symptoms, we also believe in a holistic approach to health that covers everything from the day-to-day activities that can specifically affect our health (diet, exercise, reduction of stress) to more general practices such as mindfulness and yoga.

It is this approach that has helped us to deal with some truly challenging times over the past few years, and it is also in sharing our journey through chronic illness, getting diagnoses, and developing coping strategies that we have found positive ways forward. Some of my most popular posts both here on the blog and across social media have been those where I have honestly opened up about our difficulties and how we are dealing with them, something I have recently come to term “my healing journey”. And so I will continue to share our experiences openly for as long as they help us and others.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the health and wellbeing posts here at The Patch, you can find all of them here. Alternatively, check out some of my favourite posts below.

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